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About Easydo Events

Easydo Events is a suit of Event Management Plaform for 4 main vertical markets

  • Institutional
    Institutional events for large private corporations, public institutions, professional associations, NGOs
  • Corporate
    Corporate events as conference, general assembly, fair, breakfast meeting, team building
  • Social events
    Social events as sport event, festival, concert
  • Personal
    Personal events as wedding, baby showers, baptems, birthdays, bachelor's parties, engagements, family reunions
  • Used by many top large corporations and business associations.
  • Easy-to-use with many configurable settings for managing your events.
  • A comprehensive, collaborative, and cost effective Event Management Platform.
  • 100% customizable platform for every type of event, delivering multiple digital tablet supports, kiosks and mobile phones.
  • Make your events successful and more efficient.
  • Simplify and optimise your operational workflow.
  • Increase you KPIs of number of invitees, generated revenues, branding awareness, quality and satisfaction.
  • Large adjustable analytical panels.
  • Reduce waiting times at entrance allowing you to foucus on what is important.
  • Secure your access points and organise your attendance teams.

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